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ALTA TRANS - transport in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie

Our company, based in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, has been dealing with domestic and international transport and forwarding from the very beginning, and provides comprehensive, professional transport services in Poland and abroad. We supervise the entire process of transport service: from preparing documentation and completing all formal issues, through preparing the cargo so that it is safe during transport, to reporting on the successful completion of the shipment. The forwarding carries out the entrusted tasks with care, reliably and professionally. We carry out forwarding orders in Poland and Europe. We are a family company, which is why we particularly care about a very good contact, individual approach and the best possible performance of entrusted tasks. We have the Reliable Company Certificate.

Transport and shipping

Our specialty is the transport of refrigerated goods, i.e. those that must be transported by appropriate fleet facilities at a strictly defined time and in appropriate temperature conditions, which can only be provided by a properly adapted cold store. Such special conditions of transport are required for the transport of food, medicines, pharmaceuticals, flowers and flower bulbs, clothing, clothes, electronics and all other items that require special treatment. These requirements include the transport of plants, which has been an important element of our offer for years and is entrusted to us with confidence. Our flower coolers ensure optimal transport conditions. We transport flowers, trees, flower bulbs and seedlings throughout the European Union with great care and responsibility.

Our Tabor

The refrigerators at our disposal are modern and fully comply with legal requirements, both in terms of the Polish and international code. They are subject to periodic technical inspections of tightness and the Central Refrigeration Center and the Polish ATP Research Station (FRC, FNA, GDP, DPD), thanks to which the risk of failure of the aggregates is close to zero. Our fleet includes refrigerated trailers, standard and double stock versions, equipped with lifts – all to ensure the highest level of service. Our lifts are certified by the Office of Technical Inspection. Our vans and the entire fleet meet the euro5 and euro6 standards, which means that they have the structure and design of engines, especially high-spring ones, that minimize the production of harmful substances to the greatest possible extent. This is possible, among other things, thanks to special exhaust gas recirculation valves and the use of a diesel particulate filter.

Professional staff

A team of proven drivers is helpful and properly trained in terms of working time, so that the goods are always delivered on time, and communication is additionally facilitated by the knowledge of foreign languages, such as English, German and Dutch. We make every effort to ensure that the delivery of goods is efficient, professional and on time. The transported goods are secured with the OCP policy, which protects the cargo in the event of damage, fire or theft.