About the company

We have been providing transport services in international transport since 2009. Our vehicles have transported goods in relations between:

Poland – Belarus – Russia – Ukraine – Latvia – Lithuania – Germany – Holland – Belgium – England – France – Spain – Austria – Italy.

Since 2015 we have been transporting refrigerated goods, especially flowers, trees, flower bulbs and seedlings on the territory of the European Union.

We have at our disposal:

– Modern fleet that meets the Euro5 and Euro6 standards,

– Cooling semi-trailers including standard, double stock ones with elevators,

– The team of drivers who help with loading and unloading, are communicative (knowledge of English, German and Dutch).

– Logistics, which guarantees timely and professional deliveries, securing the transported goods with a carrier’s liability insurance policy.

We have vehicles at our disposal which are maintained in full efficiency and impeccable cleanliness.